No   Course Title   Duration   Learning Objective   Cost (USD) 
        1  Implementing Enterprise Wide Multiuser Geodatabases   2 Days
(5 to 6 August 2019)  
 How to design, create and manage an enterprise geodatabase that will be used by multiple users                      450
        2  Publishing Geodatabases as Map services using ArcGIS Server   2 Days
(7 to 8 August 2019)  
 How to publish data layers as web map services that can be accessed online                      350
        3  Introduction to Google Earth Engine   1 Day
(9 August 2019)  
 How to use a cloud computing platform to process and analyze geospatial data                      150
        4  Application of SAR data to Forestry Change   1 Day
(9 August 2019)  
 To introduce participants to SAR data its applications to forestry change   No Cost 

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